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GYNY: Jingxin Brand of 201 Stainless Steel Pipe

GYNY got full preparation and introduced Jingxin brand stainless steel welded pipe recently. It is reported that GNYN always focused on the production and sales of 304 stainless steel welded pipe since it created its own brand in 2009. The sales volume of GNYN 304 stainless steel ranked top of the country and GYNY became famous brand. However, its 201 stainless steel products was its short board. Some customer sold 304 at the same time they need 201, but GYNY could not provide the correspondent services. GYNY can not involved in the vast Northern and western market as it lack of 201 products, which seriously limited GNYNs further development. After careful decision and full preparation, GYNYs 201 product---Jingxin Stainless Steel Pipe had been promoted in July.