Exhibition Information

The Eighth China (Foshan) International Stainless Steel Exhibition had been Successfully held

17-19 Apr 2014

The association and Foshan Chengzhan Exhibition Co., Ltd held the Southern China’s only professional stainless steel exhibition—The eighth China(Foshan) International Stainless Steel Exhibition 2014 in Flower World Exhibition Center, Chencun, Shunde at 9:50 on April 17th. The exhibition last for 3 days as TISCO, JISCO, Taishan Steel, Lihuada, Guangfeng, Haili, Jinhai, Hongwang, Zhongcheng, Hongri Chaoxingfa and more than 70 well-known supplier participant in it with high standard, promoting their brand and developing the market.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition held at the exhibition A front square of the exhibition center, presiding by Executive Vice-chairman and Secretary general Li Zeyu. The chairman of the association, Vice secretary of CPC Shandong Junan Committee and county magistrate Zhao Xiping, member of standing committee of CPC Shandong Junan committee and deputy magistrate of the county People’s government Li Zhigang, deputy magistrate of Henan Baofeng People’s Government Wei Xuejun and 11 representatives from Government and Stainless Steel Industry such as TISCO, Jisco all presented at the ceremony.

Making speech on the ceremony on behalf od the Organizing Committee, Wu Weibin, the Chairman of the association pointed out that this exhibition suffers a lot of difficulties during the preparation period because the stainless steel industry is facing challenges such as continuous release of production capacity, readjustment and upgrade of product structure, improvement of product quality and rising cost of labors. However, the staff in Organizing Committee had tried their best to finish promotion and invitation, facing the difficulties directly, focusing on the enterprises’ needs. Besides, in order to help enterprises further expand domestic and foreign markets, they postponed the exhibition date to April with the same period as Spring Canton Fair instead of March strategically. What’s more, inviting the government staff from Fuzhou, Zhangzhou and Baofeng, etc to the exhibition not only strengthen the communication between government and enterprises and industry promotion to add more confidence and luster to the exhibition but also build a communication and cooperation professional exhibition platform to the upstream and downstream industry chain.

The Chairman of GDSSMPA is Delivering

More than 70 enterprises cover stainless steel production, trade, processing and products, stainless steel network information platform and stainless steel processing equipment all presented in the exhibition. The professional visitors crowed the exhibition hall with each booth had its audiences. The exhibitors laid the foundation for further cooperation in the future by explaining in patience, exchanging business card and information with visitors.

Excepting participate in the exhibition, the association set a booth to give publicity to the association and member enterprises, which attracted some professionals for inquiring, strongly increasing the notability of the association in the industry.